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Vega Vegabar 74 R74XXFT1RHS2X - New No Box - Cable

IDC Fritsch Algae Collection on Microfiche

Vega Vegabar 74 R74XXFT1RHS2X - New No Box - Cable

Narda Attenuator Set Model 120A/4 FSCM 99899

ARO 666100-362-C Metallic Diaphragm Pump

Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7 412-1XF03-0AB0 PLC CPU Module

Bruel & Kjaer Beat Frequency Oscillator Type 1014

Datacom Textron FIBERcat Test and Talk

Hewlett Packard 2804A Quartz Thermometer

Marsh Printhead 3267

Spiral Biotech Casba 4 Colony Counter with/Software

Sorensen ACR500 AC Regulator

Sepiatec HPLC Trap Column 240 mm

Optikon LiteMate III 504 and SpotMate Photometer 502

Sangamo Electric Rotating Standard Meter Type J5

Tesco Service Ground Test Set

Sangamo PR 520 Calibration Comparator

Siemens Simatic 6E S7 432-1HF00-0AB0 Analog Output Card

Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Limiter 5661

Bruel & Kjaer Frequency Analyzer Type 2107

Bruel & Kjaer Heterodyne Analyzer Type 2010

Marsh ML13449 LCP/ML8 Ink Jet System Controller

C-MAC Circuit Analyzer

Cynosure Inc. Laser Spectrometer LS-2

Paravant RHC 44E Data Collection Terminal

NEW Laser Scanner SICK Contrast KT8L-P3656

Bruel & Kjaer Heterodyne Slave Filter Type 2020A


Siemens Simatic 6E S7 431-1KF00-0AB0 Analog input card

Allen-Bradley CompactLogix DEVICENET

Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Extension Filter Set Type 1620
Data Precision 6100 660B

Bruel & Kjaer Random Noise Generator Type 1402

Bruel & Kjaer Heterodyne Slave Filter Type 2021

Bruel & Kjaer Automatic 1406 Random-Equalize​r-Analyzer

Bruel & Kjaer Digital Event Recorder Type 7502

AIRFLOW TA4 Thermal Anemometer Airflow


R&S Technology Twin Pump

HP70000 System 70001A Mainframe Spectrum Analyzer

Masterflex Easy-Load II 77200-60 - Pump Drive 7543-01

Biometra UNO II Thermoblock

Sciemetric Data Acquisition LLSYS 7000 Series

WELCH 2585Z-50 Air Compressor

Yaskawa Servo Motor SGM-08U3B4L

Siemens Simatic 6ES7 422-1BL00-0AA0 Discrete Output

505-TOD Allen Bradley Reversing Starter

Quantel CB401 High Voltage Laser Power Supply w/ Cables

Banner Light Screen Emitter LS10E

Danaher Motion Module 9032 0121 50

Danaher Motion Module 9032 0121 48


CRYOMED 1010 Microcomputer CRYOMED 500

Asyst SMIF Pod with Microtome Reticle Cassette 41170-00

Waters 110D System Interface Module

Mettler P5N Scale

Mettler Toledo O2 4100 Transmitter

Sepiatec HPLC Trap Column 50mm

Siemens Simatic 6ES7 421-1BL00-0AA0 Discrete Input Card


Wild Heerbrugg M40 Ocular Attachment 15xSK w/ Arm

Bendix Psychrometer 566-2

Mettler Toledo 2303 Ph Transmitter

Electrodata CTS-3 Data Communication Test Set

NEW Shimadzu 204-27125 Micro Cell Unit RF-510/520

PACE MBT-200 Desoldering / Soldering Station

Quantel PU 420 Laser Power Supply Module

Telco Photo Amplifier PA01A511 #0452169100

OMRON D4NL-4EDG-BA Guard Lock - Door Switch

Wild Heerbrugg Diskussionstubu​s Teaching Head in Case

Williams Controls WM-388-U1C1D Pneumatic Operator

Perkin Elmer AS40 Autosampler

Seegers Precision Pressure Gauge in Wooden Case

HP 5880A 19376-60020 RAM Board Div 43 Rev A

LKB Wallac 1291 Dispenser

Fisher Scientific 3 block Dry Bath Incubator

Marsh HE Ink Jet System

Yaskawa Servopack SGDA-08AS

100-C23D400 Allen Bradley Contactor

Siemens 6EP1334-2AA00 Power Supply Module

Sierra Mass Side-Trak III Flowmeter Air

Varian 9012 Solvent Delivery System

Solomat MPM 500

Honeywell Microswitch Proximity Switch 6FR1-25

Kyoritsu AC Clamp Adaptor 8103 + Carrying Case

HP 5890A Motherboard 05890-60010 DIV 43 REV D

Druck / GE PTX 1400 Pressure Sensor / Transmitter

Valenite Carbide Insert SNCX 1103 2C VC28 (VP5040)

Eldex CH-150 and Heating Column

Atlas Copco PD44 PD Filter

Hewlett Packard 5890A Flow Sensor 19237A

Fisher Scientific 10-572Y Industrial Air Regulator

Quantel CU 401 Laser Control Unit

Quantel Power Supply Module with Connectors

Wild Heerbrugg Phototube Attachment ??

Thermo Orion 860 Oxygen Meter

Alstrom Controller

Alstrom LED Display

Alstrom CCTV Controller

Fisher Scientific 10-572S Oxygen Regulator

Hewlett-Packard 350B Step Attenuator

Honeywell Microswitch 8LS3 Limit Switch

Telco Light Receiver LR 110 TB38 5

Meritor Valve RSL110700 06278LH

Midland Grau KN30200 Emergency Relay Valve

Advance 71A84A3-001D Ballast Kit

Advance 71A82A1-001D Ballast Kit

Seastar AC9400 Laser Diode Driver

Digiphase Analyzer

Red Phase Model 596 Distortion Meter

Hewlett Packard 5015T Logic Troubleshooting Kit

Cardion CPG-6 Video Test Set

Princeton Instruments Gated Linear Array IPDA-1024

HP 5880A 19300-60040 PS Control Board Div 43 Rev F

HP 5880A 19350-60020 P/P Mainframe Board Div 43 Rev D

ORTEC 404A Pile-Up Inspector

ORTEC 434 Digital Ratemeter

ORTEC 717 Liquid Nitrogen Level Monitor

ORTEC 438 Baseline Restorer

ORTEC 431 Time Scaler

ORTEC 779 Interface/Contr​oller

Tennelec TC 204A Linear Amplifier

Tennelec TC 446 Crossover Pickoff

SPARCstation 5 Sun Systems Workstation

Wild Heerbrugg Photoautomat MPS 45

HP 5880A 19371-60010 Board Div 43 Rev F

HP 5880A 19300-60090 Data Aquisition Board Div 43 Rev A

HP 5880A 19324-60010 AS Interface Board Div 43 Rev A

HP 5880A 19300-60150 ROM Board Div 43 Rev C

HP 5880A 19331-60010 Board Div 43 Rev B

Whitey 131SR Actuator & Swagelok SS-43YFS2 4 Way Valve

ORTEC 432 Print Out Control

Canberra Data Systems 6271 Digitizer

Tennelec TC 212 Dual Summer and Inverter

Tennelec 590 Ratemeter

Unisearch PTCS-3 Permeation Tube Calibration System

Supelco Carrier Gas Purifier 2-3800

Linear Research LR-130 Temperature Controller

Monroe Sensatrac 37110ST P01172CC Lot of 4 struts

Newman Hattersley DN-150 Butterfly Valve Stainless Gate

Data Precision 5740 Frequency Counter

Raybestos Master Cylinder MC39509 Nissan Pick Up

Esterline 6330 180 Phase Angle Transducer

Lab Glass Fluorimeter Flow Cell - NEW - 3/G/10

Telco LT 110 TB38 5 Light Transmitter Part #0440122000

Air Max 78.2433 3/2 Modular Valve

Kepco CK 8 Power Supply

Perkin Elmer Ion Pump Control 2220360

Hewlett Packard 9000 Model 300 Workstation

Kimax Glass Extractor 55/50 to 24/40 200 ml

AB 802F-E60MS2 Allen Bradley Safety Key Switch

AB 871L-D40EP40-T3 Allen Bradley Sensor

CARLO GAVAZZI Dual Level Relay S195166115

FAIRCHILD 14212SR Reversing Relay

Lab Glass Pyrex Extractor 45/50 to 24/40 85 ml

Pyrex Quickfit Vacuum Receiver RA3/33 24/29

SPM Instrument TAC-10 Tachometer

Pyrex Distillation Head 24/40

Norgren K910014 Spool Valve 150PSI

Bio Rad Cell Holder 167-01 04

Pyrex Glass 45/50 4 Chamber Allihn Condenser

Quickfit Glass B40/38 3 Chamber Allihn Condenser

Norgren R11-200-RNFO Regulator / F54-000-SOTO Filter

Garrett GML 8403 ILS Signal Analyzer

SANDVIK Inserts TFAN 22 03 PF R TFA 42PR3 H10 K10

NYAD MA160CB Hygrometer

Matheson Mass Flowmeter 8116-0153

Kimax Lab Glass Extractor 45/50 to 24/40 85 ml

AB 700-HT12BA24 Allen Bradley Time Delay Relay

Jeol Electron TEM OL Strip Aperture # 418053

Jeol Electron TEM Fixed Aperture # 418036

Air Liquide 2053021-TF4 Compressed Gas Regulator

VWR Scientific 55850-420 Compressed Gas Regulator

Fisher Scientific 10-572F Carbon Dioxide Regulator

Telemecanique Proximity Switch XS7 C40DP210 TF

Pyrex Quickfit MA1/3 Two Parallel Neck Adapter

Pyrex Quickfit Two Neck Adapter All 19/26

Neway Height Control Valve 90554241

Walther Cable 7014 / 718816 / 710116 / 711416 / 710216

At-A-Glance B-55 Krueger Barrel Gauge

Sepiatec 355-004 Frit Holder NW25 mm

Carbide Inserts SEC 633 J SEHN 190412J VPUK10

Robinair Kent Moore 14840 Thermometer

Lab Glass Inner Heating Bath Coil - 105-0128-02 7 Turns

Analog Modules 882 Laser Power Supply

Valenite Carbide Inserts SFE-63 EJ VC3

Wagner Master CylinderF110917 MC110917 FORD F250 1986

Pyrex Extractor 55/50 to 24/40 200 ml Lab Glass

Instrumar Colormet-F Fish Color Grader Model 10A

Leitz Wetzlar Periplan GF 10x

Pyrex Lab Glass Extractor 34/45 to 24/40 50 ml

YSI 5906 Membrane Cap Kit - 6 1mil Teflon Caps

Stabiline Transient Voltage Suppressor TVS301CU

Valenite Carbide Insert VOV-057138 VC29 VCPA-4532

PILZ Safety Relay PSWZ-F

Siemens 3RV1011-1KA10 3 Phase Motor Protector w/ Rocker

SMC SY3140-5LOU-Q 5 Port Solenoid Valve

Euclid Shock Absorber E-60023 Ford E350 FRONT

Monroe Gas Magnum Series 60 Shock Absorber # 66863

Euclid shock absorber E-83219

Euclid Shock Absorber E-85319

Euclid Shock Absorber E-60035 Ford F350 F450 1998

Raybestos Master Cylinder Assembly MC39116 Ford F250

Wagner F1200368 MC120368 Master Cylinder Ford F350-250

Wagner F110983 MC110983 Master Cylinder Golf Jetta

Kimax Extractor 34/45 to 24/40

Pyrex Quickfit Claisen Still Head SH6/22 14/23 - 19/26

Pyrex Quickfit Cold Finger Condenser FC14/00/SC

Tripp Lite Powerverter PV-200 AC-DC Inverter Trippe

Quickfit Double Davies Condenser CX5/25 34/35

Tektronix 013-0278-00 Video Display Filter

HP 5890A 19242-60010 INET Card

Hewlett Packard Back Pressure Regulator 19246- 60570

HP 19362-60570 Carrier Gas Inlet Pressure Valve

Microspec PS2 Power Supply

Lansing Lock-In Stabilizer 80.215

Chromato-Vue C-5 Ultra Violet Illumination Cabinet

Pyrex Lab Glass Buret 2123A

HP 5880A 19322-60010 Valve Driver Board Div 43 Rev A


802T-AMP Allen Bradley Oiltight Limit Switch

SIEMENS Safety Protection 3SE2 840-0XX01

Hewlett Packard 10525T Logic Probe

Valenite Carbide Insert SPG633J Grade 3

Hewlett Packard 17172A Time Base Input Module

Ortec 432-C1 Belden Cable 35"

Ortec 430-C1 Belden Cable 58"

NORTH Safety Defender Multi-Purpose Cartridge 75SC

Tesa KL 116 Probe

DEL Air Shifter 3015 V42 AC42


Hewlett Packard 545A Logic Probe

Quickfit Glass Adapter Full Length Claisen 19/23 24/29

Kepco ABC 30-0.3 Regulated Power Supply

SynOptics LattisNet 2810 B 10BASE-T Concentrator

Valenite Carbide Inserts VCPA-4989D3-728

Wagner Master Cylinder F34403

Telemechanique Limit Switch Head ZC2 JE03H2

Ortec NIM Module Belden Cable RG 62 A/U 12 Feet

Hewlett Packard 5004A Signature Analyzer

Vipar Premium Riveted Remanufactured Brake Shoes 115R

Gas charged Sealed Strut Dodge Aries Front 81770 10250

Gas charged Sealed Strut VW Golf front 1992 81853 10234

Gas charged Sealed Strut VW Golf # 81239 15239

Wagner Master Cylinder MC108168 Dodge Caravan 1986-1995

Wagner Master Cylinder MC108592

Hertel Carbide 4.21103R614 ECK 1 SCHRUPP KM 1 K10




Bendix 275175 Dash Control Valve PP-1

Pyrex Quickfit Reduction Adapter DA12 19/26 to 14/23

Pyrex Quickfit Liebig Water-Jacketed Condenser C1/12

Analogic Meter AN25M00-T-P-1-X​X-10-X

Kimix Glass 45/50 4 Chamber Allihn Condenser

K04-10 Mace Electromechanic​al Level Regulator

Honeywell Micro Switch MPS17 - LOT OF 4

BANNNER EZ-Beam Sensor S30SP6FF400Q

Weidmuller 16 Relay Output 115VAC 1114761001


Compactron FC-24 DC Power Supply

Jenkins 587j 125s 200wog COUPLING ADAPTER

Pyrex Corning Glass Ground Joint 29/42 Outer 6580

Fisher Scientific Versa-Bath 130

Hewlett Packard 546A Logic Pulser

Pyrex Distilling Adaptor 10/30 Thermometer 24/40 Joints

Rego Cryo-Flow TMF250S Hydraulic Flow Control

Parker 410811000 4 Way Toggle Manual Air Control Valve

Federal Signal 500 A1 Bell Alarm

ABMA Steel Brush - Box of 12